The Ultimate Guide to Deep Cleaning Your Home: Workbook

The Ultimate Guide to Deep Cleaning Your Home Workbook includes 49 PRINTABLE pages:

- Cleaning Supplies Checklist

- Cleaning Supplies Inventory (with suggested items)

- Cleaning Supplies Inventory (blank - to customize & fill in what you use)

- Master Cleaning List (3 pages)

- Cleaning Schedule, year at a glance (with suggested items)

- Cleaning Schedule, year at a glance (blank - to customize as you'd like)

- Daily Cleaning Schedule (with suggested tasks, 3 colors)

- Daily Cleaning Schedule (blank, 3 colors)

- Weekly Cleaning Schedule (with days of the week, 3 colors)

- Weekly Cleaning Schedule (with rooms, 3 colors)

- Weekly Cleaning Schedule (blank, 3 colors)

- Monthly Cleaning Schedule (with month names, 3 colors)

- Monthly Cleaning Schedule (blank, 3 colors)

- Seasonal Cleaning & Maintenance Schedule (with season names)

- Annual Cleaning & Maintenance To-Do Lists (blank)

- 7 Day Declutter Challenge Transcript

- 30 Day Declutter Challenge


Cleaning Ebook

Chapter 1: Why You NEED to Clean

Chapter 2: Motivation to Clean

Chapter 3: Cleaning Supplies

Chapter 4: Cleaning Hacks

Chapter 5: DIY Cleaning Solutions

Chapter 6: Room-by-Room Cleaning

Chapter 7: How Often to Clean

Chapter 8: How to Create a Cleaning Routine


Declutter Planner Ebook & Workbook

The Workbook includes the following printable worksheets:

- My Declutter Action Plan: Sample + blank for you to customize

- Goals Break Down: Two versions

- Home Declutter Master List: Room by room, every area to go through and declutter! A blank sheet is included so you can customize it however you'd like!

- Daily Clean & Declutter: Where you can plan out what you can do in 10 minutes each day to keep your home clutter-free! Includes a habit tracker, and two different versions as well!

- Daily Schedule / Agenda: With time slots from 7am to 9pm, a to-do list, and notes section

- Weekly Outline: Write in your organizing focus at the top and plan out your tasks for the week!

- Monthly Pages: 13 pages, one for each month (two for February, in case of a leap year) includes questions to ask yourself about your goals, as well as a habit tracker and inspirational quote for each month!

- Monthly Purge & Declutter: 5 things you can go through to declutter and organize each month. Includes a blank version if you'd like to move things around or make your own list using the sample as inspiration!

- 25 Things to Declutter Right Now

- 10 Minute Cleaning Ideas

- Fix & Replace List: Two versions

- Items to Sell List

- Needs Organization List

- Inventory Lists: Four versions

- Box Signs

- 30 Day Declutter Challenge Calendar

The Declutter Ebook includes the following chapters:


Chapter 1: Why we need to declutter

Chapter 2: How our homes get cluttered

Chapter 3: The sentimental side of things

Chapter 4: How to declutter

Chapter 5: Decluttering room by room

Chapter 6: How to keep your home clutter-free

Chapter 7: How to use the worksheets

BONUS: How to make an easy pantry inventory

Final Notes

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Please note this is NOT a physical product. It is a DIGITAL DOWNLOAD and you will be able to print the pages as you'd like.


The Ultimate Guide to Deep Cleaning Your Home: Workbook

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